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Gesine Born receives a KielSCN Creative Fellowship

Making Women in Science Visible

As of July 1, Gesine Born is the first Creative Fellow in the Kiel Science Communication Network (KielSCN). The aim of her fellowship project is to give women in science greater visibility. For this purpose, Born will be testing different approaches in the KielSCN over the next six months. She is experimenting, for example, with different social media and modes of presentation, as well as with the use of Artificial Intelligence. In the end, the project results will be used to develop recommendations for the practice of science communication.

Bringing Gender Equity and Diversity in Science into the Spotlight

For the KielSCN, two aspects of the project are of particular importance. On the one hand, the expected results pay off in its field of research: the visual communication of scientific content and the perception by the user. At the same time, however, the approach of using the work to focus on the issues of gender equality and diversity in science was also very convincing.

“With Gesine Born, we have gained an excellent and extremely committed player in the field of visual science communication for our first Creative Fellowship,” says KielSCN speaker Tom Duscher. “Her distinguished work benefits not only our research agenda, but also the cause of gender equality and raising the visibility of women in science. We look forward to working with her.”

Increasing the Visibility of Women

As a photographer, Gesine Born has worked in a scientific context for many years. In the process, she has repeatedly become aware of the poor visibility of women in science: “Even today, women are much less visible in science than their male colleagues. I would like to change that,” says Born. “That’s why I’m working on a series showing female scientists in the style of classic photography of former male Nobel Prize winners. These photos can then complement existing ancestral galleries in scientific institutions.”

Testing New Forms of Representation Together with Women Scientists

As part of the KielSCN Fellowship, she plans to test the effectiveness of this concept. For the science photographer, novel visualizations, such as images generated with an AI, are also interesting forms of presentation with high future potential. Together with female scientists, Gesine Born therefore wants to explore different possibilities in workshops. In order to permanently increase the visibility of women in science, the project results will be used to develop guidelines for action for players in the field of science communication.

Become Part of the Project Now

Women scientists who would like to be part of the project are invited to get in touch. Further information on participation opportunities can be found on the pages of the Bilderinstituts founded by Gesine Born.

About the Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is at the core of the collaborative approach at KielSCN. Fellows are part of the team and work here in an environment that fosters creativity, innovation and knowledge exchange. For maximum scope, KielSCN offers two different programs: the Creative Fellowship and the Research Fellowships.

More information here.

Portraits Gesine Born © David Ausserhofer
All other images © Gesine Born

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