News, May 2022

Excursion to Berlin

Two days rich in impressions and inspirations

On May 6th, part of the KielSCN team went on an excursion to Berlin together with students from the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts. Visiting various exhibitions and a design studio, the participants gathered inspiration and took back exciting ideas for their own work.

Tour of the Futurium and the design studio onformative

The first stop on Friday was a visit to the Futurium exhibition. During an exclusive guided tour, we received background information on the exhibition concept and learned more about the science communication strategy of the institution. In the afternoon, a visit to the design studio onformative was on the agenda. Founded in 2010, the studio for digital art and design is characterized by a highly emotional approach.

Humboldt Forum and Museum of Natural History

The second day of the excursion started at the Humboldt Forum, where we had a look at the current exhibition “After Nature”. At the end of our stay in Berlin, a true classic was awaiting us: a visit to the Museum für Naturkunde (Museum of Natural History). Full of new impressions, we then returned to Kiel.

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Events in April/May 2023

In April/May we have some exciting events for all people interested. The first one, on April 17, is the WissKomm Salon as part of an exhibition of the Science Communication Lab. This will be followed by an online discussion on ChatGPT and two presentations with design experts.