News, Jun 2022

Young Waterkant Festival

Workshop on science communication

The Young Waterkant Festival took place once again on June 29 at the MFG-5 site in Kiel/Friedrichsort. Here, a total of 450 students and teachers from schools all over Schleswig-Holstein exchanged ideas with startups, projects and initiatives. The focus was on the question of what our world might look like in 10 to 15 years. KielSCN was part of the event with a workshop on the topic of science communication.

What do young people wish for when it comes to science communication?

In three workshop rounds of 45 minutes each, we wanted to know from the roughly 15 participants how they would like scientific content to be communicated. What kind of topics and formats are the students interested in? Where do they currently see weaknesses? What ideas do the young people themselves have and how would they like to get more involved in the future?

Evaluation of different formats and final discussion

After a short introduction, the participants first took a closer look at some formats used in science communication. These were classic journals, but also digital posters, YouTube videos, and a digital Escape Room. The students were then asked to evaluate the formats on display. In small groups, this was followed by a discussion on beliefs, formats and interaction, as well as who the young people would like to see communicating scientific content. Great ideas emerged, and all those interested are welcome to further work on them together with the KielSCN team in a workshop format after the summer break.

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