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Kiel Science Award 2023 goes to Hinrich Schulenburg


KielSCN Senior PI Hinrich Schulenburg, professor at Kiel University, has been awarded the Kiel Science Award 2023. This was decided unanimously by the Kiel City Council at its meeting on February 16. The prize, which is endowed with 10,000 Euros, will be awarded at a ceremony on June 25, the second sunday of Kiel Week.

The Innovation Prize of the State Capital Kiel will be awarded to Professor Anton Eisenhauer and Dr. Stefan Kloth of osteolabs GmbH, a start-up company spun off from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. City President Hans-Werner Tovar personally informed the award winners shortly after the council’s decision and congratulated them on behalf of the State Capital Kiel.

Outstanding scientific reputation and commitment to science communication

University President Professor Simone Fulda, Chair of the Culture and Science Senate of the State Capital Kiel, is extremely pleased that the Council Assembly followed the Senate’s proposal in awarding the prizes:

“With the evolutionary biologist Prof. Hinrich Schulenburg and the medical start-up osteolabs GmbH, represented by Prof. Anton Eisenhauer and Dr. Stefan Kloth, the Kiel Council has honored two impressive players whose work reflects the role and importance of science in shaping our world in the present and future in a very special way. Hinrich Schulenburg, for example, not only has an outstanding international scientific reputation, but has also long been involved in communicating science in a magnificent way and, above all, has inspired young people to take an interest in his research. And osteolabs GmbH is an excellent choice for the Innovation Award. Their groundbreaking method for the early detection of osteoporosis, developed from excellent research, contributes significantly to the improved medical treatability of this common disease.”

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