Archives: Team

Dec 2023

Jane Martha Momme

“I graduated in psychology at the University of Heidelberg. As part of my PhD at KielSCN, I want to understand how the participation of citizens in science communication affects trust in science.”

Jul 2022

Anna Vollersen

“I studied chemistry and biology at the University of Kiel. As a PhD student at KielSCN, I will work on the effect of content-related influencing factors on the cognitive and affective attitudes of different target groups.”

Jul 2022

Willi Scholz

“As a project manager, I have already gained experience in managing projects in (participatory) science communication in the past. I support KielSCN with my expertise especially in project and knowledge management.”

May 2022

Björn Schmidt

„After my studies at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, I worked as a freelance communication designer in the field of editorial design and web design. At KielSCN, I am responsible for information design and corporate design and help shape research.“

Apr 2022

Heike Groth

„My background is in press and public relations. At KielSCN, I am responsible for everything related to communications, from social media to pop-up events.“

Apr 2022

Julia C. Ahrend

„With a focus on design tools and user experience, I am doing my doctorate on the conditions of successful communication in visual science communication. I understand research as a symbiosis of design theroy and practice.“

Apr 2022

Carolin Enzingmüller

“I have expertise in various design methodologies to develop, evaluate, and improve STEM activities and materials. At the KielSCN, I will explore design thinking as a tool to engage diverse stakeholders in science communication and to co-create inspiring experiences.”

Apr 2022

Melanie Keller

„In my research at KielSCN, I am interested in understanding how we can engage audiences with emotional visualizations. Doing so, I will use a mixed-methods approach and a combination of laboratory and field studies.“

Apr 2022

Hinrich Schulenburg

“Incorporating research content on Evolving Health and suitable cooperation partners is my responsibility in the KielSCN. In doing so I will especially focus on areas with high relevance to both science and society and new developments in transdisciplinary research approaches.”

Apr 2022

Ilka Parchmann

„As a science communication researcher I am involved in numerous outreach projects in Clusters of Excellence and Collaborative Research Centers at Kiel University. In the KielSCN I am responsible for the institutional networks and implementation of the centre‘s research and collaboration strategy.“