Archives: Team

Jul 2022

Anna Vollersen

“I studied chemistry and biology at the University of Kiel. As a PhD student at KielSCN, I will work on the effect of content-related influencing factors on the cognitive and affective attitudes of different target groups.”

Jul 2022

Willi Scholz

“As a project manager, I have already gained experience in managing projects in (participatory) science communication in the past. I support KielSCN with my expertise especially in project and knowledge management.”

May 2022

Björn Schmidt

„After my studies at the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts, I worked as a freelance communication designer in the field of editorial design and web design. At KielSCN, I am responsible for information design and corporate design and help shape research.“

Apr 2022

Heike Groth

„My background is in press and public relations. At KielSCN, I am responsible for everything related to communications, from social media to pop-up events.“

Apr 2022

Julia C. Ahrend

„With a focus on design tools and user experience, I am doing my doctorate on the conditions of successful communication in visual science communication. I understand research as a symbiosis of design theroy and practice.“

Apr 2022

Carolin Enzingmüller

“I have expertise in various design methodologies to develop, evaluate, and improve STEM activities and materials. At the KielSCN, I will explore design thinking as a tool to engage diverse stakeholders in science communication and to co-create inspiring experiences.”

Apr 2022

Melanie Keller

„In my research at KielSCN, I am interested in understanding how we can engage audiences with emotional visualizations. Doing so, I will use a mixed-methods approach and a combination of laboratory and field studies.“

Apr 2022

Hinrich Schulenburg

“Incorporating research content on Evolving Health and suitable cooperation partners is my responsibility in the KielSCN. In doing so I will especially focus on areas with high relevance to both science and society and new developments in transdisciplinary research approaches.”

Apr 2022

Ilka Parchmann

„As a science communication researcher I am involved in numerous outreach projects in Clusters of Excellence and Collaborative Research Centers at Kiel University. In the KielSCN I am responsible for the institutional networks and implementation of the centre‘s research and collaboration strategy.“

Apr 2022

Tom Duscher

„I am an expert in interactive information design and the visualization of scientific topics as well as the co- founder of the Science Communication Lab. My main responsibility in the KielSCN is to lead the visual design research.“